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Infographic & Video: What You Need to Know About Money Mule Fraud Schemes

Nacha's Payments Innovation Alliance's Consumer Financial Exploitation Project Team released an infographic about the warning signs of a Money Mule Fraud Scheme.

What is a Money Mule? According to Nacha, "A money mule transfers or moves illegally acquired money on behalf of someone else. Criminals recruit money mules to help launder proceeds derived from crimes such as human and drug trafficking. While some money mules know they are supporting criminal enterprises, many others are unaware that they are helping criminals profit." 

Check out Nacha's press release here

Download the customizable infographic here

Watch Our "Two Minutes with Macha" Video on Money Mules

"Two Minutes with Macha" is back with a BRAND NEW video for you to watch! This series brings you all of your payments-related questions directly to you in two minutes or less. This video is dedicated to learning about Money Mule Fraud Schemes.

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