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PAR/WACHA and Georgeson have created a partnership to bring escheatment solutions to your bank or credit union at competitive pricing.

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Why Be Concerned About Unclaimed Property and Escheatment?

Nearly 70% of financial institutions are not fully compliant with Unclaimed Property laws—audits have increased dramatically and financial institutions are at a greater risk of fines and penalties.

Banking assets are the number one remitted property type in most states. Not only does this deplete the assets under your management, ever-changing unclaimed property laws also leave banks and credit unions at risk of non-compliance, which can result in significant fines and penalties.

With PAR/WACHA by your side, we can help you retain assets and reduce your risk of non-compliance.

PAR/WACHA and Georgeson Unclaimed Property Compliance Services, Training & Resources

Georgeson’s Unclaimed Property Compliance Services can manage the entire unclaimed property life-cycle, relieving your organization of these complex, resource-intensive tasks and allowing you to focus on your core business priorities. Starting with identifying the unclaimed property on your records, Georgeson conducts due diligence requirements and develops and executes outreach campaigns to find lost and dormant owners.

Georgeson’s knowledgeable professionals also assist organizations with the complex escheatment process, providing jurisdictional knowledge and monitoring legislative and other changes impacting escheatment. Their experts are well-versed in the various state criteria for identifying and reporting unclaimed property, as well as the differing industry-specific requirements and rules for submission and formatting of reports. Georgeson works with clients to document and support all due diligence efforts, prepare filings in each state-mandated format, maintain copies of all reports and supporting documentation, and protect funds until they are reported and transferred to the state.


Unclaimed Property Analysis

  • Policy & Procedure Review: ensure your procedures are consistent with state laws
  • Unclaimed Property Reports Review: review of previous unclaimed property reports to identify errors and provide best practice guidelines
  • Dormant Account Analysis: analysis of dormant accounts (savings, checking, checks, and CDs) to identify any liability

Unclaimed Property Policy and Procedure Guidelines

  • Unclaimed property policy and procedure templates that can be customized for your organization
  • Bi-annual updates to ensure compliance with changing industry standards

Owner Location Services

  • Georgeson’s highly skilled research team will locate lost or dormant owners, identifying the accurate addresses or heirs, and assist in reactivating these accounts.

Annual Unclaimed Property Reporting: A full suite of unclaimed property reporting services, including:

  • Determining the eligibility for escheatment
  • Mailing of due diligence letters
  • Filing reports with all 50 states and US territories

Training & Webinars

PAR/WACHA and Georgeson periodically host webinars to provide updates and education on unclaimed property within the banking industry. Check back for updates.

Upcoming Webinars
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On Demand Webinars
Ensure Your Unclaimed Property Policies & Procedures Are Current
Implement an Unclaimed Property Compliance Program
It's Time to Conduct an Unclaimed Property Check Up
Navigating in the Changing World of Unclaimed Property Compliance (NEW!)
Overcoming Escheatment Challenges

Onsite Training & Support
Georgeson can come onsite and train your staff on unclaimed property.

Legislative Updates

Stay up to speed with unclaimed property legislation.

Visit the Legislative Updates page

Insights & Resources

Unclaimed Property Policies & Procedures Manual

This publication provides a sample of what is required for your Unclaimed Property Policy and Procedures. It addresses the reporting process and provides reporting timeframes including differing property types, dormancy periods and contains a full glossary. It also includes helpful websites and best practices offering guidelines on how to limit the property sent to the state, minimize risk and exposure to fines or penalties.

Having a comprehensive Unclaimed Property Policy and Procedures benefits both financial institutions and corporations alike. Preparation leads to responsible cost-efficiency and risk aversion.

Order Your Unclaimed Property Policies & Procedures Manual Here

Whitepapers on Unclaimed Property in the Banking and Credit Union Industries

Every year, millions of dollars in banking assets are escheated in the United States - in fact banking assets are the most remitted property type in most states. Escheatment can result in a decreased asset base, loss of customers, and non-compliance with the myriad of unclaimed property requirements can result in fines, penalties, interest expenses, and increase your risk of being audited.

Download our whitepaper to learn how your bank can stop escheatment before it happens by taking four important actions.

Banking Industry version
Credit Union Industry version

7 Reasons to Outsource Your Bank or Credit Union’s Unclaimed Property Services

Outsourcing your unclaimed property process is a reliable and convenient option to help you ensure compliance. Banks and credit unions can recognize the increased efficiency, lower cost and greater accuracy that can accrue from outsourcing to experienced specialists.

Read the article here

Bank Dormancy & Reporting Maps

Download our maps for:
Bank Dormancy Periods for Savings & Checking Accounts
Bank Dormancy Periods for Payroll & Wages
Bank Reporting Dates for Unclaimed Property


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