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PAR’s Compliance Services

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The NACHA Operating Rules and Guidelines require that you conduct an ACH audit each year. Additionally, the rules require that your Third-Party Senders conduct their own audits each year. PAR’s trained staff of AAPs offer a full-scale audit on each area of ACH operations for financial institutions and third party processors/senders. We will go through every facet of your ACH operations including receiving, originating, record retention, procedures, information reporting and Originator agreement review.

During the performance of your audit the PAR staff will train your ACH staff when necessary. We will recommend solutions to compliance issues you may be having, review your policies and procedures and ensure that you have sufficient risk controls in place. We will answer any questions your staff may have regarding payments. When your audit is completed, PAR will prepare for you a detailed report of our audit findings.

For more information on PAR’s audit services, contact Andy Barlow at the PAR office at (262) 345-1245, or toll-free at (800) 453-1843, or email us at

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