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Save 10% on 2021 Nacha Operating Rules & Guidelines Pre-Orders Today!

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Pre-orders for your 2021 Nacha Rules are now open, and we are offering a 10% savings on Rules purchases through December 11, 2020! In addition to the 10% savings, pre-orders of the Nacha Rules hard copy come with a complimentary Online Access code. Any orders made during this advance sale period should begin shipping mid-December.

  • Hard Copy - Access to the Rules & Guidelines helps to identify new opportunities to leverage the ACH Network to meet customer’s needs, while maintaining a clear understanding of network requirements.
  • App (eBook) - This Adobe-based product requires a third-party app called Flux Player to allow the Nacha Operating Rules & Guidelines content to be redeemed, downloaded to and accessed only within the app. The content is read-only, ebook display identical to the hard copy book and able to be accessed on up to two devices under the same account. Perfect for financial institutions to provide the Nacha Rules to corporate customers or members. 
  • Online Resource (web-based) - This interactive website provides access to both the full Nacha Operating Rules & Guidelines, as well as any potential supplement details. The Online Resource website has been divided into sections for easy browsing and searching of the content. This resource has been set up to allow for an easy and responsive viewing experience from a desktop computer, laptop or a mobile device Perfect for financial institutions to provide the Nacha Rules to corporate customers or members.

The Nacha Operating Rules & Guidelines is the foundation needed for every ACH payment. Understanding the Rules & Guidelines keeps your organization at the top of its field -- ensuring efficient ACH payments, strengthening risk management practices and lessening returns and exceptions.

Take advantage of the 10% savings on your Nacha Rules pre-order today! Visit our online store to read the descriptions of each format (print, app or online resource) and to pre-order your 2021 Nacha Rules.

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