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PAR/WACHA Partners with ACH Alert: Advanced Fraud Prevention

Save on ACH Alert services as a PAR/WACHA Member!

ACH Alert

PAR/WACHA has partnered with ACH Alert in order to bring an even more comprehensive scope of fraud services to the PAR/WACHA membership. PAR/WACHA Members receive discounted pricing on ACH Alert products and services.

"We are excited about this partnership and helping our members fight ACH, Wire and Check fraud," states Mary Gilmeister, President and CEO of PAR/WACHA.

ACH Alert's founders continue to pioneer the electronic payments industry. The entrepreneurial team has been successfully bringing electronic payment solutions to market for over 25 years. Leveraging past knowledge, ACH ALERT™ went from concept to reality in 2007. ACH ALERT™ ‘s cutting edge technology is designed to reduce cost, financial loss and reputation damage associated with ACH and Wire fraud. Our mission is simple:

  • Provide financial institutions with an electronic payments decision portal they can offer to their clients to help them protect themselves
  • Prevent ACH and Wire fraud
  • Automate manual, labor intensive processes
  • Help financial institutions generate revenue with our services
  • To increase corporate, small business and consumer confidence in ACH and Wire payments and improve the customer experience

ACH Alert Products

  • ACH Alert BIO-WIRE
    Stop wire fraud in real-time, eliminate call backs, increase operational efficiencies and improve the customer experience with Bio-Wire, another patent pending innovation from ACH Alert! Convenient and completely automated, Bio-Wire’s 100% out-of-band verification process defeats wire fraud like no other solution on the market today.
  • C.O.P.S. Credit Origination Positive-Pay Service from ACH Alert
    C.O.P.S. systematically checks the destination and value of ACH transactions after they’re received by your financial institution and before they are released to the ACH network. When transaction anomalies are detected, out-of-band alerts are sent directly to the Originator for immediate verification. As an added level of protection, these alerts are sent via a trusted channel and separate access device.
  • PRO-TECH from ACH Alert
    PRO-TECH triggers an actionable alert when an ACH debit hits their account, enabling the account holder to thwart unauthorized ACH entries immediately. PRO-TECH triggers an actionable alert when an ACH debit hits their account, enabling the account holder to thwart unauthorized ACH entries immediately. This real-time ACH debit approval process, which can occur before a debit posts, allows your account holder to easily identify trusted trading partners and to automatically populate an ACH debit filter for future transactions, eliminating the need to maintain ACH blocks and legacy, labor-intensive ACH debit filters.
  • PRO-CHEX from ACH Alert
    PRO-CHEX uses an end-to-end design that allows financial institutions to retire costly legacy backroom systems and markedly improve operational efficiencies. This makes PRO-CHEX the first SaaS solution to ingest capture and issuance data, create and present exceptions, alert for exceptions, accept pay/no pay decisions, and deliver a disposition file and/or report for processing. With PRO-CHEX, you no longer have to rely on multiple vendors or systems to provide check positive pay services.

Contact Information

ACH Alert | 8920 B Transport Lane, Suite 1 | Ooltewah, TN 37363
866-265-8961 | 

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