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Book your 2017 ACH Audit Early!

Are your payment operations compliant?

Book Your 2017 Audit or Risk Assessment with PAR/WACHA!

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You should have PAR/WACHA perform your ACH Audit and your Third-Party Senders Audit!

PAR/WACHA’s ACH auditors are all Accredited ACH Professionals (AAPs). This means they know the rules and requirements for the ACH network inside and out.  In fact, PAR/WACHA trains FDIC and State examiners on what to look for during an ACH audit!  In addition, unlike other organizations who offer audit services, PAR/WACHA’s auditors will train your ACH personnel when necessary and recommend solutions to the ACH compliance issues.

You should have PAR/WACHA perform your ACH /RDC risk assessment!

In accordance with FFIEC Guidance and the NACHA Rules, you are expected to understand the applicable rules and regulations, the risks involved in offering ACH and RDC services, and to have documented procedures and policies in place.  PAR/WACHA’s auditors will incorporate the FFIEC’s Guidance and NACHA Rule requirements into the risk assessment they perform of your ACH and RDC operations in order to identify gaps in your operations that could lead to potential risk.  The assessment includes a review of your agreements, your risk policies, and your contingency plans.

If you have already performed your won ACH or RDC risk assessment, PAR/WACHA can still assist you.

We can review your ACH and RDC risk assessments that were performed in the past to see if they need to be updated.  If they do, we can assist you in keeping on top of this ever changing set of rules and regulations. 

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