Payment Professional Certifications

Gain a competitive advantage and impress your examiners by having accredited payment professionals on staff. Macha/PAR's in-depth preparation programs are recognized among the best in the country! 

Here is a list of your colleagues who are certified AAPs and NCPs. Certifications set payments professionals apart for their expertise. Read more on how you can become an AAP, NCP or APRP below.



Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) Certification

AAPs are an elite group of highly-skilled professionals who are recognized for their electronic payments expertise and who have a strong competitive edge in functioning as effective partners in the business and financial arenas. The AAP accreditation is recognized as the gold standard in ACH excellence.

AAPs bring a wide range of experience and a critical knowledge base that is a valuable asset to any organization and Regulators seek out AAP’s during exams.

The AAP exam opens every October. To optimize your study plan, you can sign up for the PacPay AAP Test Prep Package, which includes classes, the Nacha Rules, and many study materials!

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National Check Professional (NCP) Certification

This designation recognizes professionals who have successfully proven a certain level of understanding of the current check payments landscape.

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Accredited Payments Risk Professional (APRP) Certification

The APRP certification shows a high level of commitment to risk management and regulatory compliance. Macha/PAR has created a comprehensive APRP Prep Series to prepare you for everything you need to know about risk. Exams open in July for this certification.

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NEW ACH Certificate

Expand your knowledge of electronic payments, demonstrate your commitment to professionalism and maintain a competitive edge in the industry with this new certificate. This is a great way to take steps toward your AAP accreditation!

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